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Poster: qalb-e-saleem Date: Feb 20, 2011 2:46am
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Books required urgent help me...

i need books mentioned in list attached on urgent basis. can anybody help me.....?


1. Allport, G. W. : The Individual and His Religion
2. Ames, Edward Scribner: My Conception Of God
3. Berdyeau, Nicholes: The Divine and the Human
4. Berdyeau, Nicholes: Slavery and Freedom
5. Berdyeau, Nicholes: Destiny of Man
6. Brend, William A. : Foundation of Human Conflicts
7. Butler, Samuel: Upon Human Nature
8. Cantillon, Richard: Essay on the Nature of Commerce in Government
9. Cassirer, Erust: An Essay on Man
10. Carr, H. W. : General Principles of Relativity
11. Cobban, Alfred: The Crisis of Civilisation
12. Cohen, Chapman: Materialism Restated
13. Cole, C. H. D. : The Meaning of Marxism
14. Denison, J. H. : Emotion as Basis of Civilisation
15. Dickinson, G. L. : After Two Thousand Years
16. Dobzhansky, T. H. : Heredity, Race and Society
17. Eintein, Albert: Out of my Later Days
18. Evans, John: Theistic and Monism
19. Ewing, A. C. : The Individual, the State and World Government
20. Ferm Vergilius: first Chapters in Religious Philosophy
21. Freud, Sigmund: The Future of an Illusion
22. Freud, Sigmund: Civilisation, War and Death
23. Gasset, Ortega Y. : History as a System
24. Gauld, W. A. : Man, Nature and Time
25. Gill, Bric: Money and Morals
26. Gollancz, Victor: Our Threatened Values
27. Griffith, W. : Interpreters of Man
28. Guenn, Rene: The Crisis of the Modern World
29. Gurdjieff, G. : All and Everything
30. Hegedus, Adem De : The State of the World
31. Hill, A. V. : The Physical Reasonableness of Life
32. Hogben, L. : The Nature of Living Matter
33. Haldane, J. S.. : The Philosophical Basis of Biology
34. Haldane, J. S.. : The Science and Philosophy
35. Holmes, J. : A Struggling God
36. Howard, B. A. : The Proper Study of Man
37. Huxley, Julian Religion Without Revelation
38. Inge, Dean: The Fall of Idols
39. Jeans, Sir James: The Mysterious Universe
40. Jennings,H. S. : The Biological Basis of Human Knowledge
41. Jones, F. W. : Design and Purpose
42. Johnson, R. F. : Confucianism and Modern China
43. Jung, C. G. : Modern Man in Search of Soul
44. Kaempffert, Waidemar: Explorations in Science
45. Keirkegarrd, Soren: The Present Age
46. Lippman, Walter: Preface to Morals
47. Livingstone, Sir Richard: Education for a World Adrift
48. Lodge, Sir Oliver: The Latest Ideas in Mysticism
49. Loveday, John: The Only Way
50. Maboth, J. D. : The State and Citizen
51. Mach, Ernst: The Reaction against Idealism
52. Magay, M. A. : Nietzsche
53. Mannheim, Karl: Diagnosis of our Times
54. Marz, Karl: Critique of the Philosophy of Law of Hegel
55. Mason, J. W. T. : Creative Freedom
56. McIver, I. : The Modern State
57. Menckem, H. L. : Treatise on Right and Wrong
58. Miller, R. F. : Gandhism and Leninism
59. Moore, Thomas: Personal Mental Hygiene
60. Mottram, V. H. : Physical Basis of Personality
61. Mukerjee, C. ; An Introduction to Socialism
62. Mumford, lewis: The Conduct of Life
63. Mumford, lewis: Faith for Living
64. Murray, Robert H. : The Individual and the State
65. Murray, J. M. : Adam and Eve
66. Newsholme, H. P. : Health, Disease and Integration
67. Otto, Dr. Rudolf: The Idea of the Holy
68. Paine, Thomas: The Right of Man
69. Patrick, Mark: Hammer and Sickle
70. Paul, Leslie: The Meaning of Human Existence
71. Paul, Leslie: Annihilation of Man
72. Planck, Max: Causality in the World of Nature
73. Planck, Max: Where is Science Going?
74. Plekhanov, G. V. : The Role of Individual in History
75. Renan, Earnest: Essay on Nationality
76. Russel, Bertrand; Hopes for a Changing World
77. Russel, Bertrand; Freedom and Organisation
78. Russel, Bertrand; Reith Lectures
79. Russel, Bertrand; Authority and the individual
80. Schrodinger, Erwin What is Life?
81. Sherrington, Charles The Brain and its Mechanism
82. Sheen, F.J. Philosophy of Religion
83. Simon, Yves R. : Philosophy of Democratic Government
84. Simpson, G. G. The Meaning of Evolution
85. Slochower, Herry. No Voice is Wholly Lost
86. Smith, Adam. The Wealth of Nations
87. Snell, Lord. The New World
88. Spalding, H. N. Civilization in East and West
89. Stebbing, Susan. Ideals and Illusions
90. Stekel, Wilhelm Peculiarities of Behaviour
91. Taylor, A. Evolution in the Light of Modern Knowledge
92. Teiner, Kerschens. Concept and Education of Character
93. Thomson, J. Arthur: The Gospel of Evolution
94. Toynbee, Arnold J. : The World and the West
95. Turner, H. H. Introduction to the Foundations of Einstein’s Theory
of Gravitation
96. U.N.E.S.C.O. Democracy in a World of Tension
97. Urban, W. M. Human and Deity
98. Wakeman, H. O. The Ascendancy of Power
99. Walker, Kennith. Meaning and Purpose
100. Watson, Dr. J. B. Behaviourism
101. Wells, H. G. Fate of Homo-Sapiens
102. Westermarck, Edward Ethical Relativity
103. Westermarck, Edward The Origin and Development of Moral Ideas
104. White, Amber Blanco. Ethics for Un-believers
105. Whitehead, A. N. Adventures of Ideas
106. Whitehead, A. N. Religions in the Making
107. Wilky, Wendel One World
108. Tayler, A. E. (Article in this Journal:)Mind; July 1912

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